A little bit about us:

  • Axewood comes to you with 4 years of facilitating axe throwing experiences and interactive activities.

  • We have tried and tested Axewood across the country.

  • Now based in Vancouver but mobile and ready to go.

  • Every effort has been made to ensure a safe, fun and BC unique experience is ready for your group.



A mobile axe throwing experience based out of Vancouver with a variety of options for your patrons;

  • Tournament style bracket suitable for groups of any size, large and small.  Pricing based on group size.

  • ‘Have-a-Throw’ for special events and regular traffic. Pricing based on a day rate and/or pay as you throw.

  • Foam axe throwing for kids events. Based on a set day or ½ day rate.

  • Seasonal league play over 6-8 week period at your location to drive traffic to your venue. Pricing is based on per thrower rate.

  • Interactive activation stations for trade fairs and expos.  Pricing based on day rate.

  • We construct and tailor a formatted tournament to suit your group size, budget, available space and time frame.

  • Very flexible.

  • An activity suited for all demographics.

  • All weather.

  • Indoor and outdoor activity.

  • We lay down field turf to ensure that the surface isn’t scuffed up at all.


  • We are fully equipped with safety lanes complete with protective netting, full size targets and 1.2lb hatchets.

  • The hatchets we use have been chosen as they are user friendly so that anyone can throw right from the get go.

  • An announcer controls the lanes at all times.

  • Safety lanes have been constructed to ensure the hatchets remain within the lane at all times.

  • Every lane is supervised by one of our trained facilitators, and each thrower will be given adequate instructions in order to participate and enjoy the experience.

  • We reserve all rights to remove any throwers from further participation if we deem they’re being unsafe.


  • A safety risk analysis for every event will be provided.
  • We reserve all rights to take away people’s throwing privileges if they are deemed to be dangerous to him/herself or the other patrons

  • Waivers will be provided limiting any risk to the participant.

  • Public/business Liability cover is provided for all events.


It's not as intimidating or scary (or unsafe) as you think!!! In fact, we here at Axewood Crew will make it fun, easy and effortless for your event, trade show, corporate team building event....


  • safe

  • unique

  • minimal footprint

  • no mess

  • versatile: the lanes can be set up virtually anywhere

  • set up and take down times are minimal. (hour set up / 30 min  take down)

  • leagues are flexible to accommodate varying time frames and group sizes by just adding more lanes and targets



  • One lane is 10’W x 10’H x 10’L to fully enclose the throwing zone  

  • We can have as many throwing lanes as needed

  • The lane is covered with a high grade, coated sports netting that has been tested against the hatchets used.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor venues

  • For indoor venues we have field turf to protect flooring surfaces
  • 20ft - 10’H x 10’W x 20’L etc

  • Kids Party Board (foam axes)


  • Leagues are tailored to suit the event, time available and will be adjusted for its specifics.

  • Average 2 hours for league nights per league.

  • Average 2 hours for 32 pax tournament play.

  • 2-3 minutes for ‘Have-a-Throw’ with simply attempting 10 throws at the target

  • kids parties can be facilitated over any amount of time


  • Specifics for pricing will be sent separately