Are you ready for one of the most exciting and memorable summer jobs of your life?

We are on the hunt for a group of awesome, self driven, gregarious and entrepreneurial folk who want to spend their summer doing something different. At Axewood, we spend our days hucking axes, high fiveing cool peeps while hosting axe throwing tournaments and competitions for the public. If you are interested in learning how to run a business in one of the most picturesque locations in the world, apply here!  If you have a unique set of leadership skills that involve an ability to confidently manage up to 40 people at a time, this job is for you! If you are an engaging personality that can make people laugh and build their confidence at the same time, this job is for you. If you want to throw axes at the top of mountains, or oceanside next to a bonfire, meanwhile working with really awesome people you need to come work with Axewood! Or you can make coffee, push papers in an office or baby sit drunk people and mop up the floor of a bar until 4:30am, your choice!

We’ll teach you how to run your own business, chuck axes while working on you farmer’s tan! What could be better?!


  • Everyday from 11:00am (ish) - 6:00pm (ish) at the Sea to Sky Gondola (just south of Squamish).
  • Weeknights and weekends at various pubs, festivals, events, trade shows, etc. throughout Vancouver and/or Squamish/Whistler
  • How much do you want to work? Feel like hustling, making a name for yourself and really run a business or want to work casually a couple of days a week (minimum 2 shifts a week) No Problem we have room for both.

Job Breakdown:

Ever since you can remember you’ve been a people person. You’ve been able to manage a crowd and confidently manage stressful environments and groups of people with a smile and a few jokes along the way. Do you like teaching, coaching, and assisting others? Axewood is an opportunity to build your public speaking skills, leadership skills, confidence, team building, and event management experience.

You are excited to work in an environment that is ever changing, where professionalism is paired with fun and friendship, and where safety is a necessity. You are comfortable working within a customer service team and bring a can-do attitude to every task in all types of weather conditions. Imagine yourself outside working with people and building their confidence.  If this sounds like the opportunity you would like to pursue, we would love to learn more about you.



  • Safety testing of the axes, targets, and facilities to meet and exceed safety regulations and quality standards.
  • Taking payment via electronic devices.
  • Accurately keeping score of throwers marks
  • Making sure our guests are freakn WOWd with our customer service and awesomeness
  • Assisting with setup and teardown of special events
  • Facilitate Axe Throwing Tournaments for Corporate Clients
  • Host Axe Throwing unit like a carnival game persuading foot traffic to come over and try it out
  • Coaching participants on how to properly handle and throw an axe… Don’t worry we’ll teach you!


Job Qualifications:

  • Valid BC work permit
  • 19+ years of age — you’ll be working in pubs and we don’t accept fake IDs
  • You gotta be able to hustle + flow on your feet all day! Dancing skills are an asset
  • Ability to work outdoors in all types of weather conditions. Bucket hats encouraged
  • You excel under the pressure of big lineups and crowds by wooing them with your charm and personality
  • You strive to live by the GyShiDo Code  (http://gyshido.com/) and get schiiiitt done!
  • Entrepreneurial mindset — You’re in the driver seat.
  • We need charisma! No boring, snoring, plain janes! We need dynamic and outgoing peeps with the ability to (or desire to learn how to) engage a crowd
  • First Aid is an asset — Safety first is always a priority. This is where we put our foot down. Minimal Bull.
  • Must have a wide selection of plaid/flannel shirts — tweed is also acceptable.
  • Lastly and most importantly, we are looking for good people! No douchebags, jerks or a lazy asses! We respect the F&%K out of each other, we push each other to always strive to be better, we play to each others strengths and support each other when we're down. We're loyal as hell, we promote equality, we LOVE to have a good time and we're not afraid to work hard to make sure that happens!


Job Qualifications for Leads(Supervisors):

  • Be able to lead and inspire a team of awesome young people to have even more stoke!
  • You are a smooth talker — able to communicate effectively to ensure a smooth and safe event
  • It’s game day, everyday — Ensure our team shows up on time every time, ready to get the job done!
  • You have (or want to acquire) certification in First Aid and CPR.
  • Axe throwing experience an asset — but anyone can do it.
  • Want to learn how to balance books, take payment, manage your team to clock in/out on our mobile app, etc. You know…  do adulting stuff, but make it look easy!


Are you?

  • Committed to learning new things and imparting that knowledge to others.
  • You are committed to learning your strengths and weaknesses.
  • To you the willingness to ask for help is not a weakness, it's how you roll.
  • You are always positive and optimistic you are known for generating stoke!
  • You are excited to help cultivate a rad community.
  • You are passionate about your performance, because it matters to you, no one else.
  • You are a quintessential team player especially when things get tough.
  • The words “that’s not my job” is not in your vocabulary.
  • You are always safety conscious and vigilant.
  • Experienced sport coach or in leadership?
  • Comfortable with a flexible work + travel schedule?

You will be asked to send us an ICBC driver's abstract and a criminal record check, so if you’re proactive, you can start that process.

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